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12 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

12 Ways to Prayer for Your Pastor...

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A Plea for Preaching

Gardner Taylor pic

Brethren Preachers, we've got to get back to our work of preaching. The circumstances of the times necessitates it (1 Tim. 4:1-3). The whole world lies under the sway of the evil one (1 John 5:19). Our adversary, as fearsome and fierce as a lion, seeks people to devour (1 Pet. 5:8). The god of this world never rests to put blinders over the eyes of our people, to shut out...

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Are Christians Trying to get to Heaven?


A guy I was listening to on Facebook Live said something that made me cringe. What he said didn't take me by surpriseI've heard this kind of thing before. But every time someone says it, I have the same gut reaction. So, what did he say? "Christians are trying to get to heaven." Did you catch it? Maybe you didn't. Let me help you out. He didn't say Christians are going ...

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Why Racism is a Sin

swastika cross out

In the wake of the Charlottesville horror, I'm compelled to respond. Pastors must speak up and out, so here it goes. First, let me go ahead and call a spade a spade: racism is a sin. No, it's not just some social scourge that liberals can't stop talking about. Let's take racism out of that class of social problems and put it where it belongs: in the biblical category of ...

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The Meaning of Time


God has mercifully brought us into another year. May we enter 2016 with expectant faith and hope, confident that God's grace and mercy will follow us. As the clock struck midnight, I could not help but to reflect on the meaning of time. I share those thoughts with you in what follows. Why does God give us time in the first place? I came up with three reasons: God gives us...

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How (Not) to Remember Dr. King


Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And as we reflect upon the relevance of his life, thought, speeches, writings, and works for today, I caution us against three extremes: 1) Let's not Romanticize King. Too often in our public schools, for example, Dr. King has been unnecessarily elevated to a kind of mythic status, thereby making h...

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You are More than a Conqueror


In Romans 8:37, the Apostle Paul declared that, "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors." Exactly what are "these things" over which we have become victorious? In verse 35 of the same chapter, Paul says it is a victory over the hazards and hardships of life. Neither affliction nor distress nor persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor peril nor the sword can w...

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